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Carrier ArcBest First Steps Towards Dimensional Pricing

To Our Valued Customers:

Please be notified that ArcBest (ABF Freight) will be taking their first steps towards moving to Dimensional Pricing and away from Classification Pricing.  For now, whatever pricing, CMC or Current Tariff is the higher charge, that pricing will apply to the shipment.

What you will need to do is put the dims for each pallet shipped on the BOL (H x W x L and weight, class) if this information is not on the BOL, then the carrier will dim the shipment out themselves and adjust pricing accordingly, if applicable.  What you will need to understand is that there is a possibility of the charges of your shipments changing, unless you get a quote and provide accurate dimensional info and classification.  If either of these is not provided or not provided accurately, the carrier will measure the shipment via their on-doc dimensioners and apply the classification that they feel the shipment is and then apply whichever of the two pricings is higher.

This program is going to go into effect on 8/1/2017.

I would encourage everyone to go to the following web-page   and read the additional information provided within.

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