Freight Management

Blocking and Bracing Announcement by the UPRR regarding leaning intermodal containers

To All: Please note that the UPRR has announced a non-negotiable accessorial charge for improper blocking and bracing practices. It is the shippers responsibility to thoroughly block and brace all intermodal shipments, regardless of the rail road it is traveling on. Any claim that originates due to insufficient blocking and bracing by the shipper will be immediately denied by all rail roads.

The below notice pertains to orders that originate or finalize on the UPRR. Any load that moves cross country will be subject to this in the event the freight shifts and were to lean while on the UPRR.

Effective Monday, February 12, 2018, Union Pacific Rail Road will implement an Over the Rail Road Leaner surcharge of $3000 per incident. This new accessorial is in addition to any costs the IMC and their client incurs to rework the container making the load safe to move to destination.

Intermodal Over Rail Leaners propose a safety risk from improper distributed weight and lack of proper blocking and bracing which is already required for ALL intermodal shipments. AAR guidelines for blocking and bracing are required to eliminate risk factors for derailments, delayed transit, and cargo damage.

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