“Leaders who fail to delegate responsibilities as their business grows will find it hard to maintain momentum.” – Bob Walters, Chief Executive Officer, Freight Management Inc.

In 1969, Bob Walters launched American Traffic Services, which was one of the first freight consulting and management companies in the United States.

However, he soon realized that he wanted to accomplish even more. He wanted to create a company that would assist shippers in choosing the right carriers for both their freight and their lanes. Not wanting to leave the truckers out of the equation, he developed relationships with them, which resulted in a harmonious marriage between shipper and carrier.

In 1988, Walters leveraged his years of experience in the industry and started Freight Management Inc. Now, more than 25 years later, the company has a location in Orange County, California with 58 employees along with a full-service office in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Walters has always made staying ahead of the curve a top priority, which he says is achieved by delegating responsibility to others as a way of maintaining the company’s independent spirit – not to mention increasing its overall growth.



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