Personal Freight and Logistics Management with a Global Reach

At FMI, we found that when you maintain solid communication and are always attentive to your customers’ needs, it creates an ideal environment for great things to happen.

But don’t take our word for it. Please take a moment to see what our dedicated clients are saying about FMI.

“Third Party Logistics Management was critical to our Transportation Department. We were not only looking for a consultant to advise us on improvement processes … we were really looking for a company that would come in to advise and remedy the situation for our own company. Freight Management Inc. did just that.”

— Larry Ellis, Senior VP of Logistics, CSK Auto

“You are driven towards delivering customer satisfaction, which is what it is all about …  because you have taken on tough issues and accounts.”

— Nick Kekich, Corporate Account Executive, Yellow Transportation

“Your input is very valuable to us as we explore new product offerings and strive to improve our existing services. Your feedback allows us to make decisions that impact not only you and our other customers, but also the marketplace as a whole.”

— Douglas G. Duncan, President and CEO, FedEx Freight

“You did it! We threw everything we had at you and you got it all shipped. We tried our best to break you, but you all came through and did a fantastic job. On behalf of WD-40 Company, I thank you. We could not do it without you.”

— Pat Wade, Vice President of Supply Chain, WD-40 Company

“Our customer needs are always your top priority and we can always count on you to make our connections even when it seems impossible. We are grateful to you for your consistent extra effort on behalf of CMA.”

— Fred Palmer, VP of Operations, CMA Dishmachines

“Thank you so much for your help, Dennis. FMI was the smartest choice my boss Dave Meyer and the leadership team at AMSOIL could have made!

—David Navarro, Wichita Distribution Center Mgr., AMSOIL INC.



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