Consulting services to help you achieve your goals.

Looking for a new location to build or purchase a new warehouse? Conducting an RFP? Have a traffic department and don’t really need audit or management services? FMI’s freight and logistics consulting can still be of service to you.

FMI provides consulting that is outside the normal scope of your current management and technology levels.

In addition to our consulting services, on managed accounts, our dedicated team of freight and logistics consultants is available to help with any issues that may arise.

Pricing Negotiation

  • Negotiates all modes of pricing
  • Benchmarks and compares performance metrics to industry bests
  • Leverages volume from all shipping locations

Operational Issues

  • Handles cargo claims that are over, short and damaged (OS&D)
  • Recovers lost and/or missing freight
  • Tenders, dispatches full truckloads

Project Work

  • Inventories all ongoing work
  • Reviews programs on a quarterly basis
  • Highlights upcoming goals

Inbound Vendor Freight Management

  • Conducts a brief vendor survey to find allowances, shipping locations and EDI capabilities
  • Routes vendors as collect or pre-paid
  • Negotiates allowances with carriers and supply routing guides to vendors

Our dedicated account representatives are trained to make the right decisions quickly in situations where freight is lost, claims need to be filed on damaged goods or analysis work is required. We can also place personnel on-site to assist running your program.



To get a no cost, no obligation analysis of your program or to discuss your logistics needs, contact FMI today: