Freight Management Inc TMS Systems to fit your needs. Our goal is to streamline all your freight program needs.

Freight Management Inc or FMI and its complement of TMS systems are employed for Freight Logistics Programs.  These include Freight Auditing Services and Freight Payment Service of your company’s freight bills.  In addition, these systems can be integrated with most ERP and WMS systems.  Whether it’s Small Package, Courier (i.e. UPS/FedEx), LTL, Truckload or Global Freight, FMI has over 40 years of Freight Bill Auditing Experience & Freight Payment Services.
FMI offers you peace of mind by ensuring you are not over-paying for your freight program.

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Freight Bill Audit Services

Our Freight Audit Services include Logistics Reports which provide Freight Management Details and are a tool to help confirm you’re paying the correct amount.  They also help in identifying ways for you to save.  Each Freight Management Inc Freight Bill Audit includes:

  • Origin
  • Destination
  • Weight
  • Net-billed amount
  • Pre-audit
  • All Accessorial charges.
  • Reference numbers/General ledger codes

Freight Bill Payment Services

Freight Management Inc will also act as a central payment hub for conglomerates or companies.  Our programs support various world currencies.

Our Freight Payment software offers the ability to do a match-pay against a bill of lading file against your system, protects against fraudulent charges and enables us to provide you with an accrual number at the end of the month.


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