Truckload Capacity Issues

For years trucking executives have been warning shippers that the ultra-tight capacity, that has been brought about by a long-term shortage of trucks, qualified truck drivers, increased driver compensation, and government regulations would only need a sustained U.S. economic recovery to trigger a significant rise in freight rates. That time has finally arrived. The speculation is that non-contractual rates, or spot rates, which have continually risen throughout the summer will continue to rise. As well, it is suspected that contract rates are expected to follow a similar pattern. Trucking companies will not comment or commit on a specific rate increase […]

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“Hurricane, floods cripple Texas ports, freight networks”

The shipping industry is expected to be disrupted by the worst hurricane to hit the refinery-rich Texas coast in more than 50 years. Shipping terminals along the Texas coast shut down as the storm approached. Port operations in Corpus Christi and Galveston closed, and the port of Houston said container terminals and general cargo facilities were closing around midday Friday. “Flooding will definitely affect loadings at New Orleans and the Texas Gulf,” said DTN cash grain analyst Mary Kennedy. “Depending on how long water issues linger, it could affect basis, both river basis and rail basis in affected areas.” Rates […]

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Update On Tropical Storm Harvey

Update: Harvey now projected to hit around noon tomorrow with up to 110 MPH winds.  They also expect major rain up to 20 inches in the Houston area over the weekend.. At this point most LTL carriers will not run any more inbound freight to this area.  According to reports business are closing early today and 90% will be closed tomorrow..  All news and weather stations are telling the Houston area to stay home.   LTL carriers are trying to move as much outbound freight out of their terminals tonight to reduce any exposure they may with high water..   The […]

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Tropical Storm Harvey

While models are still uncertain, Tropical Storm Harvey is rapidly strengthening and is now forecast to become a “major hurricane” when it hits the middle Texas coast, the National Hurricane Center reported late this morning. “Major hurricane” means Category 3 (winds of at least 111 mph or higher). It is projected Harvey will affect the Texas and Louisiana coasts on Friday evening and into the weekend. While hurricane-force winds are obviously a concern, as Harvey continues building strength in the Gulf of Mexico, the storm’s potential rainfall, storm surge and subsequent flooding may be the biggest danger, according to meteorologists. […]

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Hong Kong Braces For Tropical Storm Hato, Some Flights Cancelled

Hong Kong’s weather observatory said it might issue its third-highest typhoon warning at midnight, with severe tropical storm Hato forecast to veer within 100 km of the city early on Wednesday, disrupting flights and other services. The city’s flagship carrier, Cathay Pacific, said the storm would “severely” impact flight operations, with the majority of flights to and from Hong Kong between 2200-0900 GMT on Tuesday evening and Wednesday to be cancelled. The Shenzhen terminal closed on August 22 at 18:00. The Hong Kong terminal closed on August 22 at 19:00.

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Carrier ArcBest First Steps Towards Dimensional Pricing

To Our Valued Customers: Please be notified that ArcBest (ABF Freight) will be taking their first steps towards moving to Dimensional Pricing and away from Classification Pricing.  For now, whatever pricing, CMC or Current Tariff is the higher charge, that pricing will apply to the shipment. What you will need to do is put the dims for each pallet shipped on the BOL (H x W x L and weight, class) if this information is not on the BOL, then the carrier will dim the shipment out themselves and adjust pricing accordingly, if applicable.  What you will need to understand […]

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2017 Holiday Schedule

Dear Valued Customers, The following is provided for your information: Holiday Schedule The following offices will also be closed in celebration of their local holidays, as shown below: Guam Liberation Day July 21 Japan Marine Day July 17 Mountain Day August 11 Singapore National Day August 9 India Independence Day August 15 Ganesh Chaturthi August 25 Philippines Ninoy Aquino Day National Heroes Day August 21 August 28 Malaysia National Day August 31 Please remember that certain offices are across the International Dateline. The dates above are their dates, not the actual U.S. date.

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Maersk Hit By Cyber-Attack

Based on information available through the public arena, Maersk has been hit globally by a cyber-attack.  Maersk and their subsidiaries are currently impacted. We do not know when their systems will be back up but as of 1422 HRS PST 6 27 2017 their official statement is in the link below. Please note, we have already been notified by NY and LAX that APM terminals are non-operational, and currently their website is down.  More information will follow We will continue to update everyone as the situation progresses.  

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So Cal Truckers End Strike After Marching on L.A. City Hall

The five-day strike by driver and warehouse workers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach came to an end on 6/23/2017 after a rally was held on the steps of Los Angeles City Hall. This was followed by workers delivering a potation in which the claim to have nearly 10,000 signatures. The workers are asking both the mayors of Los Angeles and Long Beach to assist in ending the practice of drayage truckers being classified as non-employees be the companies that hire them. The labor action was just the latest in more than a dozen that have been […]

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Teamster Presence and Activity Continues to be Respectful

No issues, Teamster presence and activity continues to be respectful and the Port Police Task Force is working diligently to deliver the coexistence goal the POLA-POLB outlined prior to the beginning of the week. Here is the Teamster information; TRAPAC NO Teamster presence/activity WBCT NO Teamster presence/activity EVERGREEN YES Teamsters are present with PICKETING activity and Gate CONGESTION and HEAVY traffic – DELAYS APL YES Teamsters are present – NO active PICKETING or disruptions APM YES Teamsters are present – NO active PICKETING or disruptions CUT YES Teamsters are present – NO active PICKETING or disruptions YTI YES Teamsters are […]

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