Los Angeles – Long Beach Port Protest Has Little to No Effect on Flow

Harbor truckers supported by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters picketed the Port of Los Angeles-Long Beach on Monday, targeting XPO Logistics at multiple locations in Southern California.  Teamster spokeswoman Barbara Maynard said that the picketing and job actions will be extended to other Southern California trucking companies and warehouses on Tuesday, and the efforts will continue through the end of the week.  The Teamsters efforts is to promote the expansion of the employee-driver model, which would make it easier for the union to organize or unionize the drivers, are intended to pressure the targeted motor carriers to properly classify their […]

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Fuel-Tax Increases

The California state legislators passed a $52.4 billion, 10-year transportation bill to repair the state’s decaying roads and bridges.  The revenue will come via a hefty increase in gas and diesel taxes.  The plan calls for a 20 cents-per-gallon tax increase on diesel fuel, bringing it up to 36 cents.  Gas tax would increase to 39.8 cents per gallon from 27.8 cents today.  The taxes will be implemented in a 3-year process which calls for a 6 cent increase the first year followed by a 3 cent increase each of the next two years.  The increases are effective November 1, 2017.

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Knight & Swift To Merge

Two of the largest asset based carriers are merging and will become the largest truck-load carrier in the country under Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings, Inc.  The $6 billion deal will combine ownership, however the plan is to keep the trucking operations separate at this time.  They will operate a combined fleet of 23,000 tractors, 77,000 trailers, and 28,000 employees.  With a  combined revenue of $5.1 billion this will allow them to reinvest in the companies through purchasing technology, insurance, and equipment, which is vital for growth. Industry analysts suspect the time is right for more consolidations in the trucking industry such as this […]

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Central Freight Lines Purchases Wilson Trucking

As of 4/3/2017, it is official that the purchase of Southeastern based Wilson Trucking by Southwestern based Central Freight Lines has been finalized.  Wilson Trucking was established in 1926, in Fisherville, VA.  They were a third generation privately held LTL carrier with 29 strategically located terminals located in the Southeast allowing them to service a 9-state footprint of VA, MD, WV, TN, NC, SC, GA, MS, FL and the DC area.  Central will continue to serve these states and provide the same services that Wilson Trucking customers enjoyed, such as LTL, time-critical shipments and distribution services. This purchase will allow Central […]

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Asian Public Holidays

China May 1   Labour Day May 28-30   Dragon Boat Festival Hong Kong May 1   Labour Day May 3 Buddha’s Birthday May 30  Tuen Ng Festival Indonesia May 1  International Labour Day May 11 Waisak Day May 25  Ascension of Jesus Christ June 26-27  Idul Fitri Malaysia May 1  Labour D May 10  Waisak Day June 3  King’s Birthday June 25-26  Hari Raya Aidilfitri Singapore May 1  Labour Day May 10  Vesak Day June 25-26  Hari Raya Puasa Taiwan May 1  Labour Day May 29-30  Dragon Boat Festival Thailand May 1 National Labour Day May 10  Visakha Bucha Day Vietnam April 29 […]

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Stop letting funds go to waste

If the term ‘duty drawback’ is new to you, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. According to Oradell, N.J.-based Comstock & Theakston Inc., 90 percent of the duty drawback refunds companies are eligible for in a typical year remain unclaimed and are ultimately lost. Duty drawback is the recovery of U.S. duties paid on merchandise that enters and subsequently leaves the commerce of the country to join the commerce of another country (including Canada and Mexico). Additionally, a drawback can be claimed on goods damaged and not useable upon arrival. Millions of dollars go unclaimed either because businesses don’t know […]

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Logistics company succeeds by building relationships

Ron Massman is always on the lookout for ways to reduce the carbon footprint his business leaves on the environment. So he’s quite proud The Dependable Cos. is using 5,300 solar panels to produce as much as 70 percent of the energy his business uses at its 1.5-million-square-foot corporate headquarters and warehouse in Los Angeles. “It was an investment, of course, but it’s something we felt was the right thing to do,” says Massman, CEO at the full-service logistics provider. “We have more than 50,000 square feet of office space. It’s really reduced our energy costs.” The effort to go […]

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The ultimate delivery vehicle

Bob Walters has dreamed of going into space since he was 15 and sending homemade rockets into the skies above the Mojave Desert. He’s confident his wait will soon be over. “It will be a dream come true,” says Walters, founder and president of Freight Management Inc. Walters has a ticket to ride aboard Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceline. Sir Richard Branson began signing people up for the trip several years ago with the stipulation it might be a little while before liftoff. The ship needed to be built and tests needed to be conducted to make sure […]

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Special Delivery

FMI adapts with the times to continue delivering great service When Bob Walters started in the freight management business, it was highly regulated and competition was stifled. Today, it’s a high-tech market based on making the most of information from a variety of sources and managing the freight accordingly. “My business name is Freight Management, but in today’s world, I might as well be called ‘Data Management,’” Walters says. “Lower rates get us in the door, but we stay there based on how well we manage information for customers. “Deregulation is a seed that grew into the industry I’m in. […]

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Sustainably Shipped

How to build a greener supply chain by reducing your freight footprint With the undeniable impact of globalization, sustainability efforts and programs are likely playing a larger role in your company’s business strategy. Companies in almost every industry are looking for ways to create more workable, responsible infrastructure for the future, and one way they’re doing it is by reducing their carbon footprints. A company’s carbon footprint is the result of many factors, not limited to economic output, energy use, packaging, products, waste and other areas that contribute to the production of harmful greenhouse gases. Not surprisingly, the freight sector […]

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